Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Material Spirituality with Neal DeRoo Pt. III

In the previous episode, Dean Dettloff interviewed DeRoo on his paper from episode one, "Material Spirituality," along with some general themes about Christian philosophy. In this episode, DeRoo takes questions from the audience, expressed by ICS student Grace Carhartt, on his paper and themes in the interview, engaging thinkers like Charles Taylor and William Cavanaugh and issues like ecclesiology and pluralism. The recording is the third and final of three parts, all from a Scripture, Faith, and Scholarship Seminar hosted at the Institute for Christian Studies.

Neal DeRoo is Canada Research Chair in Phenomenology and Philosophy of Religion and Associate Professor of Philosophy at The King's University in Edmonton, Alberta, and the author of Futurity in Phenomenology: Promise and Method in Husserl, Levinas, and Derrida (Fordham: 2013).

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