Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Material Spirituality with Neal DeRoo Pt. II

In the previous episode, Neal DeRoo presented a paper on "material spirituality," considering how phenomenology might illuminate our spiritual lives. In this episode, Dean Dettloff interviews DeRoo to pull out some themes in the paper and in DeRoo's approach to faith and scholarship more generally. Ranging from questions about phenomenology to what it means to be "spiritual, but not religious," DeRoo offers a bridge between academic philosophy and everyday life. The recording is the second of three parts, all from a Scripture, Faith, and Scholarship Seminar hosted at the Institute for Christian Studies.

Neal DeRoo is Canada Research Chair in Phenomenology and Philosophy of Religion and Associate Professor of Philosophy at The King's University in Edmonton, Alberta, and the author of Futurity in Phenomenology: Promise and Method in Husserl, Levinas, and Derrida (Fordham: 2013).

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