Monday, January 28, 2019

Big Questions at ICS with Grace Carhart Pt. II: Heartbreak

How do we live with heartbreak--and live well?

This is the second in a short series of Critical Faith episodes based on guiding worldview questions. ICS Junior Member Grace Carhart has conducted a series of interviews with ICS Senior Members Nik Ansell, Ronald A. Kuipers, Rebekah Smick, and Bob Sweetman; asking them to reflect on the themes of wonder, heartbreak, hope, and worldview from within their respective disciplines.

This week, Grace asks our SMs to share their insights on the heartbreak.

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  1. Sharing publicly about heartbreak puts Senior members in a bind. There is something about heartbreak that is private, and difficult to disclose. It makes me think that we should expect retinence when we offer this query. We are probing the heart, so where it is broken is the heartiest place. Can that be podcast? JW