Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Creative Thinking, Creative Speaking & Creative Writing with Julia De Boer

Can dead languages yield life-giving and life-guiding principles? Can we see truth in poetic creativity?

This week, Mark and Danielle talk with ICS Junior Member, PhD student, and linguistics-lover Julia De Boer about her longstanding fascination with studying the dynamics and structures of language.

We want Critical Faith to give you a glimpse into the everyday life of ICS. So we're talking with Senior Members, Junior Members, and friends of the Institute to hear about what got them here, what they're working on, and why it matters for them.

This week's Don't Miss This! items:

Christmas concert at St. Peter's by the Park (705 Main St. E. in Hamilton) on December 15

The Facilitator's Guidebook from the CPRSE's Faith & Settlement Partnerships case study

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